Improving user experience is my passion

Designing simple and innovative solutions to complex problems makes my day

Stacey Laugel

For the last 14 years, I've streamlined and enhanced every interface I could get my hands on. Whether it's a website, form, or business process, I'll analyze it, break it down and build it back up to meet user and business goals.

I may talk a big game, but I've also got the stats, research and dedication to back it up. I spend my free time reading usability reports and setting up Google Analytics dashboards. I see opportunities for design improvements everywhere I look, and share solutions with anyone who will listen. I think big and dream up innovative ways to tackle everyday problems.

My philosophy is that great designs should be simple and accessible for everyone - not just technophiles. When a problem seems complex, I love to find the simplest, clearest way to solve it. And when my solutions help people achieve their goals in an effortless way, I'm on top of the world.