BeerMe Mobile App

Problem: With an explosion of craft beer on the market, how can beer enthusiasts find their favorite beers? And how can all beer drinkers avoid the dreaded 6-pack of disappointment?

Solution: Enter BeerMe - a mobile app for a customized, craft beer experience. Find and drink your favorite hard-to-find beers the way you want, and discover new beers you'll love based on your individual ratings and preferences.

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BeerMe Hero

MAX Video

Problem: Corporate One launched a new product suite called MAX (Member Acquisition Experience). Corporate One needed a multimedia piece to display at trade shows that would: grab people's attention, provide a quick overview of MAX, and draw visitors into the trade show booth.

Solution: I created this short, looping attraction reel video to display on two 32" TVs on the corners of the trade show booth. The video successfully stopped people walking down the aisle of a busy convention hall, piqued their interests in MAX and brought them inside the booth for more information.

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Accolade Website Redesign

Problem: Accolade needed a new website to meet their growing business needs. They wanted to increase visitor engagement, offer thought leadership and attract new clients.

Solution: Together with my team, we created a customized Wordpress website to meet Accolade's current and future goals. Three months after launch, I proudly reported significant increases in visitors (118%) and engagement (94%).

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Accolade Site Hero